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EQP Starfinder

New Content On The Way!


New Content On The Way!


New Content On The Way!

ExQueerience Points: Starfinder



About the ExQueerience Points Network

Hello and welcome to ExQueerience Points, an all queer actual play podcast and streaming network! Our goal is to create a welcoming space and show that being LGBTQIA, female, and/or PoC gamers make for a richer and better storytelling experience.
We started this network with a single show, ExQueerience Points Starfinder, for a couple of reasons. First – we love gaming and are excited to be as awkward and awesome as we can while pretending to be other people and rolling dice. Second - we love our community of LGBTQIA people, and want to provide representation of that in the TTRPG podcast genre. With more podcasts actively striving for more inclusive characters and storylines we feel it is important that members of the LGBTQIA community create content to represent ourselves in all of it’s various facets.
In the process of creating our first show and meeting so many wonderful, talented, and supportive people in this community we were inspired to create more! We have branched out and created a second show: Qmenera that is a podcast set in the 9th world in Monte Cook’s Numenera game.
We were also approached by Ray Machuga of Higher Grounds Games to play in some of his creations which inspired the creation of a third show called PunTimes. PunTimes is be a combination Twitch stream show and a podcast. The first season of PunTimes takes place using a FATE Core game designed by Ray called Slasher.
We hope you enjoy our content and stay tuned as we network with other queer creators and collaborate to create more diverse content for you! If you’d like to support our shows and mission please check out our Patreon at:

The Cast

Miyu a.k.a. "Humble Arbiter of the RNG Gods"

GM of EQP: Starfinder, Player in PunTimes!: Slasher
Miyu is a full time gamer. Born in Denver and raised in Houston, they are a professional Game Master and Streamer. They have been roleplaying for over fourteen years, and have been GM'ing for the last three. They currently run several games a week, mostly within the Pathfinder system. Asexual, agender, and panromantic; Miyu currently lives outside of St. Petersburg, FL with their three partners, two dogs, and cat. You can find them on Twitter @MiyuPlaysGames


GM of Qmenera, Player in EQP: Starfinder, and PunTimes!: Slasher
Kelrick was born in Texas, he hopped between Austin, Houston, and EL Paso. He, and his husband, moved to Astoria, NY before finally landing in Seattle, WA. He’s been a gaymer for a very long time. His dad owned a gaming store for a short while where Kelrick was exposed to D&D (circa 1989-90), GURPS, and for those of you into really limited run games, Elfquest. (Which he still loves and would be down if someone wants to run that campaign.) Over time he’s developed a board game addiction, and a gaming group which has played D&D 5.0/Pathfinder/Star Wars Force and Destiny/Paranoia. Outside of gaming he, and his husband PunderDrone, have 3 cats and a wonderful home where they enjoy entertaining. It is important to note that Kelrick’s cheesecake baking is on point. You can find him on Twitter @EQPoints and @Cormallon


GM of PunTimes!: Slasher, Player in EQP: Starfinder, and Qmenera
Kenny is a husband, friend, gaming nerd, and developer. He met up with Kelrick in Houston and has been with him ever since. When he is not using his sultry voice, Kenny enjoys honing his craft by creating personal projects. Tabletop RPGs like Starfinder and D&D really allow Punder to get out of his head and explore improvisational story telling with others. When he isn't being a hermit, you can find Kenny hiking, at the beach, or in your local coffee shop. You can find him on Twitter @PunderDrone


Player in EQP: Starfinder
When not gaming, Wren is a wildlife caretaker and larping nerd. They live in Boston with their pet mice and small parrot Rambo. They enjoy board games, hiking, sewing costumes and turning their house into a haunted maze at Halloween. You can find them on Twitter @atomicfirebird


Player in EQP: Starfinder, and PunTimes!: Slasher
Steph is a lesbian a stone's throw from Lake Michigan in the land of cheese, beer, and the Green Bay Packers. When she isn't in the finance hell that is her day job, you can find her buried in what she calls her true vocation, writing. She hopes that one day, like many writers, to share her novels with the world. A lifelong nerd and all around curious being, she has a wealth of random semi-useless knowledge along with musical and pop culture references that are ever expanding. While she is new to tabletop roleplaying she is excited to utilize her storytelling in new and exciting ways. You can find her on Twitter @Steph_Bard


Player in Qmenera, and PunTimes!: Slasher, Guest in EQP: Starfinder
Jess is a teacher, editor, podcaster, and gamer. She spends a lot of time playing TTRPGs, and you can listen to her play D&D with some of her favorite ladies on d20 Dames or tune in while she GMs Blue Rose for some of her besties on Bitches & Liches. She spends most of her time watching movies that could generously be called “not great” and live-tweeting herself slowly falling in love with them. You can find her on Twitter @writejessr


Player in Qmenera
Aaron was born in California and spent 19 years there before moving to Washington state. When they aren’t attending college full time or working, they spend their time playing both tabletop and videogames, listening to podcasts or spending time with their partner. Constantly hyped up on caffeine, Aaron is always tackling new games, spanning across multiple generations of DnD, Numenera, the Fate system and others. As a non-binary pansexual individual, tabletop games allow them to explore every aspect of humanity they want. With 6 years of tabletop experience under their belt, they still find themselves learning more and more every day and make sure to surround themselves with the kindest individuals in the industry. You can find them on Twitter @SpacePersona


Player in EQP: Starfinder - Episodes 1 to 20
Megan is a manager at (probably) your favorite fast food chain that sells tacos. She and her fiancé Taylor live in Rochester, NY with their son Orion, who is 2. Aside from working full time, Megan spends her days roleplaying on the internet for fun. You can find her on Twitter @Dungeonsandmeg


Player in EQP: Starfinder - Episodes 1 to 20
Taylor is a lesbian that wraps your favorite tacos and burritos at (probably) your favorite fast food restaurant that has them. She has moved all around the country from Jacksonville, NC to Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO, and Phoenix,AZ. She has since settled down with her fiancé, Megan and their 2 year old son, Orion. You can find her on Twitter at @MilkyGaymes

Player Characters

Absco Cache

I, Absco Cach, come from a long line of proud body modders and augmenters, honing themselves to perfection. Not to mention getting a leg up, or three, on the neighbor. The planet Verses has everything for the budding youthful Verthani, but not this one. This native Verthani left following the call and teachings of Abadar. Along the way I discovered I have a talent for watching others. I love the mechanics of the body. How it’s put together, how it moves, and what others do with them when they think people aren’t looking. But I’m looking. Beings might say that they are doing something innocent, but often, even in the relative privacy of public spaces, they do something surprising. I get paid for seeing the surprising.
Some might even say that I freelance for exposure. The exposure of corrupt, no good, lying... You get the idea. I might seem agitated, it’s because I am. All because I trusted an Android named Gideon. Gideon who makes my jaw tighten and teeth clench. I’m weak for Androids. Their perfect mechanics. No need for complicated implants when all was designed to work so harmoniously. Then there is Gideon. Gideon with his perfectly calculated words. Gideon with his tempting invitation. Gideon who lured me to this dusty town and stranded me here.
I trusted Gideon. Do you know how difficult it is for me to trust? Now it looks like I will have to break my own rules about working with others to get off of this quaint rock in the Diaspora. Rules are there for a reason. When you don’t follow the rules the surprising happens. When I’m the one doing the surprising then certain rules need to be followed.
I will get off of this rock, and when I do... Gideon, sweet lying Gideon will get just the surprise that he deserves.

Angus McBrahman

My name is Angus, I'm an engineer and electrician, from Absalom Station. My life has been mostly uneventful... until recently. My family, along with a few other species, live in a predominantly Kasatha enclave on the station. My peer group and I were raised around Solarians and all dreamt of having the power and connection to the universe. When I turned 16 I discovered I was one of the lucky ones and learned to connect with the powers of creation and entropy. I manifested a mote of the universe and, from it, my Solarian battleaxe. I learned a few other tricks as well, which I'm sure will come in handy.
About 2 months ago I broke up with my boyfriend, Hereford, and it didn’t go well. He was bothering me about getting back together - and I told him we just weren’t a match, but he just wouldn’t listen. I figured it would be a good idea for us both to have some time for the breakup to settle, so I found a cargo crew that needed an engineer, hired on, and I went exploring. It was awesome. We took jobs and flew wherever the Captain had work, saw new places, and met new people. There was this one time our cook - a Shirren name D'vat wanted to get this techno-magic protein steamer. Nothing would do but he have it. So D'vat tried to ... well, that's a story for another time. What is important is that the latest job brought us to Andoran's Stand with a cargo of "wreckage art". You don't know what that is? I didn't either. Apparently it is sculptures made from derelict ships. Sounded stupid to me but what the Captain says... said... goes. When we landed our buyer invited the crew to dinner, which sounded cool, but I felt pretty good and had credits to burn. I went out dancing instead, and it saved my life. Turns out dinner was this Gideon's way of getting everyone off the ship and stealing it - then killing everyone to avoid a ruckus.
So now I’ve been here a month, on an asteroid, taking on whatever mechanic jobs I can find - hoping to get the credits to get back home, or at least out of here. But if I see that Gideon fellow again, I wouldn’t be betting on him surviving the meeting.

Kira Camoran

The name’s Kira Camoran. You heard of me? Heh, probably not. I came from Castrovel, land of the Lashunta…. among other folk. Y’know, I never gave it much thought before but it sure is a beautiful place. Untouched nature around every corner.
Anyway, I heal the sick for a livin’, use that money to get to my next destination. Desna guides me to reach toward the stars, and to always seek adventure. Used to be just a boring person, always just bored all the time. Then, one night, I looked up and saw the wonder that was above me all this time. I thought “I could go there.” And pointed upward. Ma and Pa didn’t think I could but look at me now, stuck on this rock in the middle of the Diaspora. That good for nothin’ Gideon and his tricks. Got me to come all the way out here sayin’ he needed skilled healers. I get here? He ain’t even here from the looks of it. As I look around I see others who’ve been tricked just like me… Haven’t gone up and talked to them yet, they don’t exactly… Look like kind folk, but I’ll work up the nerve trust me.

Dr. Phaedra Lasenva

Been in and out of combat my whole life… Glorious life of a mercenary, I suppose. But, you gotta go where the money is and the danger isn’t. Now, I run my own business. I know, I know. I look like a dumb brute. All of us Nuar look like that. Looks can be deceiving, anybody ever teach you that?
I’m a field psychologist. Dr. Phaedra Lasenva, at your service. I specialize in treating PTSD in soldiers and mercenaries in active warzones and skirmishes. It’s rough work. I’ve seen a lot of crappy stuff in the last 20 years.
Currently, I’m stuck on a forsaken asteroid in the middle of the Diaspora. All thanks to Gideon. I swear when I get my hands on him… Oh, Gideon? Good for nothing Android tricked me with a pretty decent business proposal. I come out to Andoran’s Stand to treat patients and he pays me. Except there were no patients to treat and no pay to be collected. By the time I realized his deception and tried to hunt him down, it was too late. Gone with the wind. I used the last of what I had to get out here and that bucket of bolts left me out here with nothing.
Only bright side to this is that I recognize someone from Absalom Station here. Angus, I think his name is. Another Nuar, like me. I better go look for him and see if he can help me out...

The Art of ExQueerience Points

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